What should I wear to try-on wedding dresses?

What should I wear to try-on wedding dresses?

For most people, going to a bridal shop to try on wedding dresses is a new experience! You may have a lot of questions leading into your appointment and we are here to guide you through it. The most asked question we get is…what do I wear to my bridal appointment?


First, it’s important to understand the basic features of a wedding dress (hang in there, it’s important!) Most wedding dresses are created with a built-in bra/padding and structure built into the bodice (depending on the fabric type and silhouette.) Bridal gowns are mostly in ivory, blush, sand, champagne, etc. and created at a length that is long enough for a 5’10” ish bride.


You’ll want to try on the dresses and have them fit the way they are intended! To do that, we suggest wearing…


  • Nude seamless undies
  • Nude sticky bra or pasties (or no bra if you are comfortable)
  • If you would like to wear shape wear, nude is the best color. We’ve heard great things about this one
  • No shoes, barefoot or just socks


So to recap, you won’t need a bra during your bridal appointment. Having additional padding on top of the padding built into the dress, will alter the way the dress is supposed to fit your body. Wearing no bra or pasties is the best option. If you aren’t comfortable with that, wearing a nude sticky bra with light padding is second best.


You do not need to wear shape wear, but you definitely can if it will make you feel more comfortable. We suggest wearing nude colored.


We recommend not wearing shoes to your bridal appointment. Because the dresses will not be tailored to you, and you will be trying on many dresses during your appointment, shoes will make it harder. Wearing some cute, neutral colored socks will be perfect!


And if you’ve read this far and still have a burning question we haven’t answered yet…maybe this will be it. Wearing underwear is not optional. Bridal shops will not allow you to try on their wedding dresses without underwear. For those of you surprised by this question, we’ve been doing this for over 10 years…and it happens!


Do you have any other questions about what to expect during your bridal appointment? We’d love to help! Send an e-mail to hi@adoreyourdress.com.



The Adore Squad