What are the benefits of a weekday appointment?

What are the benefits of a weekday appointment?

What are the benefits of a weekday appointment?. Mobile Image

Jun 15, 2023

Hey there bride-to-be (or family members and friends looking to help out a bride by booking her appointments 😉) There are tons of benefits to booking your bridal appointment on a weekday, whether you are hoping to avoid the crowd or it just works better with your schedule.  While weekends are fast-paced and fun, weekdays tend to be slower and quieter. 



More private and intimate


Although any bride who books their appointment at Adore gets 100% undivided attention from their stylist, on a weekday there are less brides in the store, meaning all attention on you! Due to our pre-appointment process your stylist will walk into the appointment already knowing about you and what you are looking for.  We love to get to know our brides and really personalize their experience to their needs, a less busy store really helps us with this!


A weekday appointment is going to be much more private for you and your guests - or just you if you choose to not bring guests! We do see brides come in by themselves all the time, which leads into the next point...


Perfect for Introverts


If you love making decisions on your own or are easily overwhelmed, a weekday appointment is a great opportunity to find your dress without the stress! Weekdays tend to be much quieter and calm with much less people in the store. But - weekday appointments aren't only for introverts...



Great option for larger groups


If you're the bride who wants to include everyone in your appointment, we totally get it! On a weekday, it is much easier for us to pull up extra seating for you and your I do crew! 



Overall, a weekday appointment comes with less overwhelm, more privacy, and all the same perks as a weekend appointment. Plus - we are flexible! If you work during the weekdays like so many of us we are open until 8 pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings! 


You can book your weekday appointment here




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