Wedding Planning Tips from #AdoreRealBrides

Wedding Planning Tips from #AdoreRealBrides

Wedding Planning Tips from #AdoreRealBrides. Mobile Image

Dec 18, 2023

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If you're reading this, you're likely planning (or helping to plan) an upcoming wedding. You're wanting to make sure that everything goes to plan, nothing is forgotten and you're just feeling overwhelmed with decisions. Our Adore Squad has helped almost 5,000 brides find their dream dress and we've walked with them through their wedding planning process - we want to pass on some of their amazing advice to YOU!


We know how stressful wedding planning can be, and we know how helpful it can be to hear from someone who's been there; so we asked past #AdoreRealBrides their biggest wedding tip...the first is:


Be picky about your vendors

Vendors are a huge part of your day. Don’t be afraid to be picky about who you choose to work with. 


  • Find vendors who you truly love to work with, and who keep you relaxed. They will help you stay calm through the whole process. Especially on the big day!” - Katie
  • Live music is worth the splurge! We had dueling pianos as our entertainment and they kept the party going all night. Our guests kept commenting on how much they enjoyed it.” - Nicole
  • Get alterations from a shop and don’t go to a friend to try and save money. You spend big money on a dress and you want it to be absolutely perfect the first time around!” - Mackenlee
  • “I can’t emphasize this enough but if you’re going to splurge on anything, splurge on the photographer, it’s so worth it. Our photographer Taylor Hanson was INCREDIBLE and so hands on." -Candace
  • "Also, get your dress at Adore Bridal! They provided me with the absolute BEST experience and found me my dream dress. Their service is unmatched, they have so many different beautiful options and really care about you as a customer. It can be overwhelming picking out a wedding dress and their process makes it so easy and enjoyable. I am forever grateful to the Adore Bridal team!” - Candace


#AdoreRealBride Candace & Sam, Photos by Taylor Hanson Photography


If you’re going to DIY, start early and stay organized! 

We love a DIY moment in a wedding; DIY can be a big money saver and add a personal touch to your big day. Our brides who went the DIY route recommend starting early, and staying on top of things! 


  • Stay organized, on time, and budget more than you would expect! It’s your day, don’t let ANYONE tell you to change anything you want!” - Braelyn
  • “If you want to DIY- start early! We had all my florals done 3 months before the wedding which allowed me to truly enjoy every day leading up to the big day and not be overwhelmed!” - Taliyah
  • Create spreadsheets to keep everything organized!” - Sydney
  • “Wedding planning is stressful but so fun! If you have people in your life that can help, it makes the process so much easier. Start planning early and have a backup plan for everything!” - Jessica


#AdoreRealBride Jessica & Michael, Photos by Riah Perry Photography 



This is your day 

Yours and your spouses of course. It can be easy to be influenced by family, and understandable to want to do things for them. After all they are guests coming to see your big day; but at the end of the day it is YOUR day - so book the caricature artist, do the crazy first dance, plan everything around a fun theme...whatever feel right & unique to you.


  • Plan your dream wedding, don’t let anyone discourage your dreams and inspirations. Yes take in some comments and ideas but don’t be afraid to say no. It’s your day- make it how you dream it.” -Deena
  • Have fun during the planning process! There is no need to stress. Don’t be afraid to ask your bridal party for help, that is what they are there for. Your wedding day should feel like the best day of your life, don’t let anyone take that from you. At the end of the day, your wedding is truly about you and your spouse, don’t worry about what anyone else has to say or what they think you should be doing. Enjoy this special time of your life.” -Natalie
  • You don’t have to do all the “traditions” just pick which ones are right for you- or make your own! We didn’t have a dance but we had a caricature artist and a quilt I made from quilt blocks my grandmas made and fabrics from my international travels for everyone to sign as a guest book.” -Hattie


#AdoreRealBride Hattie & Bruce, Photos by Elise Jillian Photography 


Have a private first look

A first look allows for a more intimate moment and saves time for photos, since you are now able to get them before the ceremony! Ultimately how you do a first look, whether it is private before the ceremony, or the big moment as you walk down the aisle is up to you.


  • “My best wedding tip would be to do first look photos before your wedding! That way you can make them more styled and have more time to enjoy the moment just you and your spouse. Plus it’s one less thing you have to spend time doing on your wedding day, that way you can get to the party faster!” -Sarah
  • "The best part of the day in my opinion was doing a first look and reading our vows privately.  It calmed our nerves and made the moment super special knowing that it was something that was shared just between the two of us." -Rachel


#AdoreRealBride Hattie & Bruce, Photos by Briquelle Kayanne Photography



With the business of the day it can be really easy to forget to drink water


  • Amidst the dancing, we snuck away and sat on the floor of the kitchen, and chugged some water because we were exhausted from the day.” -Annemarie
  • “Remember to drink water and take a couple moments to yourself in the morning.” -Vanessa
  • “A small tip for brides: during the couple’s photos, have lip gloss and a bottle of water. It’s much needed.” -Ema


#AdoreRealBride Ema & Colby, Photos by Camelia Farcas


Don’t sweat the small stuff

Remember to relax and enjoy the day! 


  • Hope for the best, plan for the worst, and then on the day of the wedding, just let things unfold how they will. Everything will turn out lovely.” -Lisa
  • “For future brides: don’t stress, everything happens for a reason. I was lucky enough to have my mom be the person that just took on that role of not letting me know about any of the mishaps or any of the stress. But the day I went into it like this day is going to go how it’s going to go and I'm just going to live in the moment.” -Kendra
  • “On the day everything will not go as plan, but everything will end up exactly how it is supposed to” -Brinlee
  • “My only advice is to make sure you really enjoy your wedding day to the fullest. Embrace the moments because it goes by so quickly! Don’t let the stress of wedding planning take away from the fun of it all!” -Samantha
  • “Live in the moment. Give your phone to your maid of honor and have her communicate for you. Do not stress the little stuff, chances are, if something doesn’t get done not a single soul will know, but you. Try to live as in the moment as possible - the day moves so quickly, you’ll want to be as present as possible. With that being said, try to have a schedule, it’s very easy to get wrapped up in stuff and lose track of time! Most of all, enjoy the small moments with all your favorite people. After all, you’re marrying your best friend!” -Rylie
  • “My advice to future brides would be to enjoy your wedding day. Think of all of those little moments that led you to this day you have been patiently waiting for. Soak up every second, as it goes by so fast. Also, don’t sweat the little things. At the end of the day, it’s all about you and your spouse and your future together from that moment forward.”  -Valerie
  • Give yourself a moment the day of the wedding, it doesn’t matter how long but I think it is important the new life you are going to have and think about all the beautiful things that lead you to the most important day of your life” -Debby


#AdoreRealBride Debby & Julio, Photos by Thalia Denisse Photography 


It's truly amazing to read through the advice that our past brides wanted to share with you, a future bride! Hopefully what you've read has put you at ease and given you a few tips to keep in mind for your upcoming wedding day.


So, to recap...don't forget to:

  • Be picky about your vendors! 
  • If you're into DIY, start early & stay organized
  • This is your day, make it unique to you & your spouse
  • Have a private first look to calm your nerves
  • Hydrate!
  • Don't sweat the small stuff, everything will end up exactly how it is supposed to


Do you have some wedding day advice you think we need to share? Send us a dm on Instagram ➡️ @adorebridals



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