Wedding Dress Necklines

Wedding Dress Necklines. Mobile Image

Apr 15, 2022

Necklines come in all shapes and sizes, here’s a rundown of each ⬇️


- Illusion: This neckline comes in many forms, but is when a sheer nude or ivory fabric extends up from the bodice. Sometimes the fabric is adorned all over with lace in a deliberate pattern, other times it is used as structure to attach delicate strap lace to to give the insulation of lace floating on skin.   


- V-neck: A gown with two straps and quite literally the neckline dips down to make a “v” shape.


- Sweetheart: The shape of this neckline resembles the top of a heart, with a prominent dip in the center 


- Modified sweetheart: Same as above, but the center dip is more slight. Great for very busty brides or brides looking for more of a modest neckline.


- High neck: When the neckline extends to the base of the neck or above. This look is sometimes combined with an illusion neckline to give modesty as well as design detail. 


- Square: An elegant neckline with angular details, resembling the shape of a square.


- Scoop: A rounded neckline with a slight u-shape. 


- Off-the-shoulder: An effortless style with varying bodice necklines, and swooping or draped sleeves off the shoulder.


- One shoulder: An asymmetrical neckline, typically with one wide strap up and wrapping around the shoulder.


XOXO,  The Adore Squad