6 Valuable Tips For Our Black Friday Sample Sale

6 Valuable Tips For Our Black Friday Sample Sale. Mobile Image

Nov 22, 2019

Our Black Friday "Running Of The Brides" Sample Sale is right around the corner! Have you made your appointment? If not, stop here and call us! 480.926.9106. Go ahead...we'll wait :)
No, really...go for it!
Okay, now you've got your appointment, how do you prepare? We can help you with that right here! Below are six useful tips that will have you ready to score your dream dress.
WHAT IS A SAMPLE SALE? Are you wondering what the heck a "sample sale" is? A sample sale is where a bridal store sells their wedding gown "sample" dresses off the rack. Because the sample gowns are not ordered (although many of them are in top-notch condition - you might mistake them for new!), you get a huge discount! AND you can leave with a dress in your hand that same day. So if you are a bride who loves finding great deals, is on a budget, or need a dress fast- then a sample sale is PERFECT for you!
Sample Sale Tip: Do your homework
1. DO YOUR HOMEWORK Start by joining our private Facebook group "Running of the Brides." We're giving our members a sneak peek at many of the gowns that will be available. Listings will include the size and color the dress is available in. Remember that we will not be ordering these dresses for you. You'll be purchasing the exact dress you try on and comes AS IS. Checking out our gown selection ahead of time will save you time - these dresses will go fast!
Bring your BFF to our sample sale!
2. BRING YOUR BFF Bring your mom or your best friend to make this experience fun! They can help you dress and provide you with honest, loving support. For this sale, we'll be limiting guests to two, due to limited space. Thanks for understanding!
Wear your good undies to our sample sale!
3. GO NUDE No, it’s not what you think! Wear nude undergarments and a strapless bra so you can envision how you will look on your wedding day. Nothing kills the vision like the outline of your Christmas undies or your bra straps sticking out.
Are you bringing your shoes to the SBB sample sale?
4. "OMG, SHOES." Whether you bring shoes or not is up to you. Sometimes it helps brides envision what they will look like on their wedding day. Sometimes shoes are a hindrance. All the dresses will be too long, but hemming will happen during alterations. Our stylists will be available to help you envision what your particular hem might look like.
Gowns at SBB's Sample Sale
5. READY TO BUY When you go to a sample sale, you have to know that these dresses don’t last long! These huge discounts attract a lot of brides looking to save some money. There are a limited number of dresses, sizes, styles, and designers, so be ready to pay in full that same day.
Gown preview at Suzanne's Bridal Boutique
6. INSPECT THE GOWN Remember that all gowns are being sold off the rack, AS IS. While there is nothing on a gown that isn't fixable, all repairs and alterations are your responsibility. During our sale, we'll offer a package that includes cleaning, pressing, and minor repairs at an extra cost. Ask us for details!
Now you're ready to tackle our biggest sample sale of the year! If you still haven't made that appointment...call us now! 480.926.9106. We're ready to get you scheduled to find your beautiful dress!