Tips for Staying "In The Moment" on Your Wedding Day

Tips for Staying "In The Moment" on Your Wedding Day

Tips for Staying "In The Moment" on Your Wedding Day. Mobile Image

Sep 04, 2020

When you talk to friends & family about your big day, likely they will all say "Try to remember every moment!" or "Take it all in - it goes fast!" Well brides (and grooms) we wrote these tips for you - to help you stay present and in the moment on your big day! Remember all those important (and funny) moments for years to come!


1) Hire a videographer

We all know that good photographers are a game changer when it comes to capturing your big day. What about videographers? The benefit to a video is being able to see you & your partner in motion, capture the emotions and words and movements of the day. A good videographer will tell your wedding day story with a mix of behind the scenes, talking with you & your partner and getting live reactions from your wedding party and guests. 



2) Dance with your spouse

Give yourself a way to let loose and dance with that new spouse of yours! You two have planned this wedding for months - and maybe even through the up's and down's of a global pandemic! Stop stressing about the fact that the caterers didn't pass out the champagne in time or that the rental company brought the wrong silverware. You two are married! Celebrate! Spend the whole night dancing with each other and make those memories! You likely won't remember your vows word-for-word years later, but you & your spouse jamming out to "Don't Stop Believing" - these are the memories that will naturally stick in your mind.

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3) Be phone free all day

Yes I know. Being phone free means that there may be missed calls or texts and no checking social media. It's fine! Our phones are very important during the wedding planning process and communicating with vendors - but on your wedding day. Don't do it! If you are needing to communicate with vendors, your day of planner can take responsibility for getting everything to where it's supposed to be. If you don't have a day of planner, put a trusted family or friend in charge of your phone to answer last minute questions. No one should be texting the bride on her wedding day!!!


Worried about capturing those behind the scenes or TikToks? That's what your maid of honor and bridesmaids are for. Ask them to snap a few pictures to post on your stories or feeds. Plus, let's be real here - that's what your photographer is for! Their professional photos will turn out way better than your iPhone can do and that what you've paid them for! Be in the moment, be screen free, connect with your bridesmaids and live in your emotions that day!



4) Go to the after party with your friends

Weddings in general are looking different in 2020 - with COVID restrictions, etc. but if you're lucky enough to be able to hit the town for a bit after your reception - do it! This is the biggest party you'll ever throw for yourself - so don't you want to be part of every step? Absolutely! Not to mention, when is the next time you'll put your wedding dress on? You've shown your spouse, your wedding guests - but what about everyone else in town that's missed out on seeing you in your glory? People love weddings, people love seeing brides all dresses up - you never know...maybe someone will buy you & your spouse a celebratory drink or treat!



5) Journal everything the next day

This goes without saying, but writing down events just after they happen is the only way to really remember those details that stood out to you. The longer you wait, the fuzzier it all gets. So either purchase a pretty journal beforehand and handwrite all those memories - or use a notetaking app like Evernote to jot down the funny things that happened, how you felt before the ceremony, a description of the emotions between you and your spouse with you said your vows - everything!


Follow these tips - and your wedding day will be one you'll never forget! Remember brides & grooms - this is YOUR day, make it what you want! 



Suzanne & the Adore Team