New Arizona Location at Dana Park

New Arizona Location at Dana Park

New Arizona Location at Dana Park. Mobile Image

Sep 18, 2022

After much anticipation - the Arizona location finally opened its doors to our permanent home in Dana Park on Saturday, September 24! 🎉 While it is bittersweet to say goodbye to where we got our start, we are so excited to share this new space with you! From veil wheels to chandeliers to our 360 mirror room (can you believe it??) Many aspects make it similar to the Illinois store while certain details give it its own unique Arizona feel. This home is everything we could ever dream of to give brides the true Adore experience. Here's what to expect at your bridal appointment! ⬇️ 


The new address is 1652 S Val Vista Dr, Mesa, AZ 85204-7302




Intimate Suites 

We are not a superstore with endless fitting rooms, we have a specially curated space. Why didn't we make the suites smaller to fit more in you ask? Because these suites have a great level of privacy and intimacy. Each bride gets her own mirror, her own changing space, her own stylist. At Adore, we know it's much more than just the dress that matters. 



Veil Wheels

Just like in the Illinois store we now have these GORGEOUS veil wheels! A creative way to show off our veils- they put the fun in FUNctionality.😉 Our stylists try a veil on each of our brides during her bridal appointment, and this helps to create a more unique experience 




These new high ceilings are such an improvement from our previous location- we went from ceilings fans to these stunning chandeliers that match the Illinois location! Another piece that really ties the stores together and makes them both feel like Adore! 



Mirror Room

The space for brides to really get a look at their dress before that yes moment! This is an Arizona store exclusive! 



New Designers

We are so incredibly excited to start carrying Randy Fenoli gowns (yes THE Randy Fenoli from Say Yes to the Dress!!) We can't wait to start offering more selections for our brides!



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The Adore Squad