The Decision Fatigue Is Real

The Decision Fatigue Is Real

The Decision Fatigue Is Real. Mobile Image

Aug 09, 2019

Have you already walked into ten other bridal stores, been handed a bunch of clips, and told to "have fun?" Is your brain on TILT from all the colors, fabrics, and styles? As you watch your best friend clip yet another ridiculous dress, are you ready to fire your wedding party? You're having a case of decision fatigue. Over the years we've seen it a lot and it's what prompted Adore Bridal's to move to a closed stock model.


Closed Stock? What's that?
It means that the majority of our bridal gown collection is back-stocked and not on the sales floor. We keep a curated selection of dresses on the floor for you to view and choose from. Your stylist will also pull from our extensive back-stock. Of course, this only happens after chatting with you and looking through the gowns you've had your eye on. We want to know your style before we pull a single gown for you.

But why? Why isn't everything on the floor?
1. Decision making is easier when you let someone else shoulder some of the process
One of the easiest ways to fight decision fatigue is to let someone else decide. When you're working with an SBB bridal consultant, you are working with someone who is listening to what you have to say. Our stylists know the inventory and are going to present you with the best wedding dresses that are within your budget.

2. Decision making is easier when everyone involved stays focused
We all love your sister (whose fashion tastes are stellar but not the same as yours) and none of us want to disappoint her. But how many more not-your-style dresses is she going to pull for you? Having a closed stock means fewer dresses in your fitting room that you have no interest in trying. Yes, we'll indulge mom's fantasy of seeing you in a cupcake dress (hey, you might surprise yourself), but one dress is probably enough. Fewer gowns on the sales floor means fewer opportunities for your friends and family to choose dresses that are not your style. It also allows them to enjoy the moment and connect with the rest of your bride tribe.

3. Decision fatigue can lead to bad budgeting decisions
The most unkind thing we can do as bridal stylists is letting you fall in love with a dress you cannot afford. When all the options at all the price points are on the floor, it's easy for brides to pull gowns beyond their budget. Distracted by all the lace and sparkle it's easy to forget to look at the tags. We make it easy for our brides to stay on budget by structuring our back-stock around price. When you tell us how much you'd like to spend, our stylists go to a section of gowns that are within your price point. Of course, if you've got some wiggle room, be sure to let your stylist know so she can expand her search. And if you do select a dress that's a little pricey? Our trained stylists will double-check the tags and respectfully ask if you want to try on gowns beyond your budget. We love our brides and would never want to see them have to sell a kidney to afford a wedding dress.

If you want to have a more hands-on approach at our bridal boutique, start online. Our website has a feature where you can make a wishlist of your favorite dresses from our designers. While not all the dresses from the designers' collections are available in our store, it will give us a great idea of your bridal style. See a dress you have to get your hands on? Ask us about it! If we don't have it in-store, there may be other ways to make it available for try on.

At Adore Bridal's, we keep the focus on the experience of spending time with your loved ones - not on having a breakdown over trying yet another bad dress. Ditch the decision fatigue by shopping with us in a bright, stress-free environment. Let our knowledgeable bridal consultants guide you toward a dress you love. Meanwhile, you enjoy the dress shopping experience you've been dreaming of. Haven't made an appointment? You can do it online here. See you soon!