#ADORETIP | Wedding Day Kit

#ADORETIP | Wedding Day Kit

#ADORETIP | Wedding Day Kit. Mobile Image

Aug 16, 2021


Brides spend a lot of time planning ALL the details for their wedding day. No matter how seamlessly a day is planned, unexpected things happen.  A button pops off, the flower girl spills some juice on her dress, the mother of the bride has cried so much her mascara smeared, a bridesmaid forgot her deodorant, etc.  So having a handy kit prepared for these little hiccups can really save the day. If you are the Maid of Honor, this is a simple thing you can put together to keep your bride at ease, and be ready to step in and be the hero.


If you would like some ideas on what to include, we love this checklist from Here Comes the Guide, print it!  






You can put these together yourself, of you can buy a pre-packaged kit ready to go.  We like this on on Etsy, you can personalize it!  Click on the image to see this kit.





Seriously, having this on a wedding day really allows you to save the day when something unplanned happens.  We hope this helps!




The Adore Squad


Photographer: Dina Remi Photography

Hair & Make-up: Lana Golinsky Stylist