New Arrivals: Veils You'll Want To Try

New Arrivals: Veils You'll Want To Try

New Arrivals: Veils You'll Want To Try. Mobile Image

Sep 06, 2019

What's the deal with veils? Are brides still wearing those?

ABSOLUTELY brides are still wearing wedding veils! There's still something that is magical to many brides. Although some brides choose not to wear a veil, putting one on can spark a lot of emotion. The minute a woman dons a veil with her wedding dress, she often sees herself for the first time as a bride.

But do you need one to complete your wedding day look? Well, that's up to you! But you'll never know if a veil is for you until you put one on. A lot of women who think they don't want a veil will put one on and change their minds! Veils often bring up images of matronly, traditional looks that a lot of brides are avoiding. But today's veils are often a brilliant addition to a minimalist or bohemian bridal look. To see how versatile a veil can be, check out these veils that arrived at Adore Bridal's.

Bridal Veils at Suzanne's Bridal


Veils for wedding dresses at Suzanne's Bridal
So, Arizona brides: are you ready to give veils a shot? Schedule an accessory appointment with one of our bridal stylists. They'll help you find the right pieces to amp up your wedding look - whether it's a veil, jewelry, a crown, or something else! Make your appointment today!