More Than Just 36-24-36

More Than Just 36-24-36

More Than Just 36-24-36. Mobile Image

Feb 22, 2024

Celebrating Women's Diversity:

More Than Just 36-24-36


In a world where standards of beauty often dominate conversations, it's important to understand where our “ideals” came from to better grasp just how little value we should place on them. The phrase "36-24-36" has been ingrained in popular culture as a supposed ideal measurement for a woman's body. This conception of “perfect” bust-waist-hip measurements surfaced in the 1960s and became even more ingrained in us with the release of the popular British instrumental group, The Shadows, who wrote a song literally titled “36-24-36.” (in case you were wondering, supposedly this song was written to ‘celebrate’ the bass player, Jet Harris’ girlfriend’s measurements.) You may have even caught the references to these measurements in the popular wedding reception songs, Brick House or Baby Got Back. Regardless of the music genre, artist, or decade, this ideal continues to prevail, but why? I think it’s high time that we debunk the myth that this measurement defines beauty or femininity.




Let’s just start with what is actually the most important, every woman's body varies widely in shape and size. The idea that there's one ideal measurement undermines the beauty of diversity. Every body is unique, and there is no single standard that can encompass the myriad of shapes and sizes that women naturally come in.


Now, let’s talk about practicalities. If this is the “ideal” size, then surely this is a size 0 and is the perfect dimensions right? I should go, put something on, and it just fits me beautifully. Well, let’s just debunk that right off the bat…



It’s no secret that I find fault with bridal sizing, and the emergence of vanity sizing and what that has done to our mindset and therefore internal value. You can see more about that in this TikTok video.  To specifically unpack these “ideal measurements” of 36-24-36, here’s what bridal size I would order for you based on the designers in our store.


If you were wearing a Randy Fenoli bridal gown, I would order you a size 4, BUT WAIT, you have to take it in at the waist and the hips because it is your bust that put you in a size 4, and your waist and hips actually have you two sizes smaller at a size 00.


If you were wearing a dress from any of the Justin Alexander bridal gown collections, I would order you a size 8, BUT WAIT, you have to have it taken in at the waist and hips because your waist is THREE sizes smaller at a size 2, and your hips are TWO sizes smaller at a size 4.


If you were wearing a dress from Madi Lane Bridal, I would order you a size 10, BUT WAIT, you have to have it taken in at the waist and hips because your waist and hips are FOUR sizes smaller at a size 2.


Are you following along with me? Those one set of “perfect” measurements could warrant being a size 4, a size 8, or a size 10 in bridal. Can we all take a minute to stop on that and just realize that the NUMBER that is in any of your clothing, especially your bridal gown, DOES NOT EQUATE TO YOUR WORTH, BEAUTY OR VALUE.


In fact, placing too much emphasis on specific measurements can contribute to body image issues and low self-esteem. It's important to shift the focus away from numbers and instead celebrate qualities such as strength, confidence, and resilience. True beauty lies in embracing oneself fully and authentically, regardless of measurements.



The most beautiful brides in our stores are the ones that look in the mirror and say “Dang, I look goooood.” AND YOU DO! Your confidence in yourself shines through. Do not let that confidence be swayed when it’s time to take your measurements and we show you a size chart that shocks you and somehow makes you feel less beautiful. Remember that moment where you looked in the mirror and could not wait to have that first look moment, reveal your beautiful self to the most important people in your life, and listen as they all draw a breath in. All in attendance will be standing in awe of your beauty as you strut your stuff down the aisle to your person. Who, I guarantee you, is thinking only of how lucky they are.


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