#adoretip | Bachelorette Party during COVID-19

#adoretip | Bachelorette Party during COVID-19

#adoretip | Bachelorette Party during COVID-19. Mobile Image

Aug 12, 2020

As we work with brides every day we know that a bride is having to face MANY changes when it comes to her wedding. One that we hear a lot about is not knowing what to do for their bachelorette party. These times are leading to many of our "normal" things just not being an option right now. With everything being limited due to this pandemic, it's very challenging to find a happy medium between the-most-memorable-pre-marriage-party-night and being safe & compliant.


Welp, you know us here at Adore... we don't like to just sit back when we see there is something we could help with!  I wish we could throw ya'll a great big party with no restrictions or worries, but we can't. 😔 We CAN however share some tips with you on how to make the best of the situation and still have an awesome bachelorette party! Here goes! ⬇️


{First, we do want to mention that it is important when planning a gathering of any sort, to be sure you are up to date with the state recommendations and guidelines of what is currently allowed/required where you live.}

Tip 1:  Keep it small. 👯‍♀️  Keeping your guest list as tight as possible will keep everyone safer.  This party may not include your distant cousins and high school friends you don't see often; by sticking to your bridal party and/or closest friends & family you will be on the right track!  You can always add a virtual element for those who live far away and cannot travel!  Having a smaller group for your party also makes the logistics of your planning easier when you have a group of 10-15 or less.


Tip 2:  Keep it local. 📍 Many people are opting to stay local AND stay longer. Instead of flying to Cancun or Las Vegas, renting a house somewhere close by is a great alternative!  How many of us have some cool, untapped attractions and places around us that we have just never visited because..well, we live there! Now is the perfect excuse to check out one of those places! Check airbnb in your area, or call uncle Bob who has that cabin up north.  Keeping it local helps keep your group contained, while providing a location that is new and fun can still be had!  This leads right into the next tip...

Tip 3: Extend the event. 📆 Bachelorette parties typically go from 1-2 nights and can include bar crawls and club hopping.  This may not possible in most states right now.  However, if you rent a house like in tip #2, rent it for a long weekend! Get a place with a hot tub, and drinking games can absolutely still take place. 🍸  Hosting a several day get away can make up for the shorter bar hopping night!  And just because you are staying in, doesn't mean you can't be creative!  Brainstorm with your bride tribe on what to do! I'm sure someone has a karaoke machine collecting dust in their basement, or an old childhood girl game like "Girl Talk" in their Mom's closet to pull out and play.  {Maybe even spend some time enlisting everyone to help with some DIY projects for the wedding!}

Tips 4: Consider your fling AFTER the ring! 💍 I'm sure many of you reading this don't want to hear the word "postpone" ever again!  We know many of you have changed and pushed back your wedding date (maybe more than once.) Well, it's definitely an option for the bachelorette party too! Even waiting until after the wedding and planning your shindig for next year...maybe saving up for Vegas in the meantime! 🎰 It's not traditional, but it is an option if not going out into more social environments is really important to you.  


Tip 5: Throw a completely virtual party!  📱 Everyone should be familiar with Zoom, Google meetings and all things virtual by this point!  You can totally have trivia & drinking games via FaceTime or HouseParty, have a bit of girl talk and so on through your screens. Consider delivering or mailing a fun bachelorette care package for each girl to enjoy while you're on together!

Tip 6: A "Last Bash". 🎉 What is this? This is something to consider if you already had your bachelorette party, but then had to reschedule your wedding!  Have another little party closer to your actual wedding date. Why not? C'mon maid's of honor, go for planning this event to help our bride feel special!  Having another little bachelorette type party helps add back to the excitement of the wedding on the new date.  With having to postpone, having a "last bash" can help the bride's new date feel a little more "normal" (and goodness, we all need a little bit more normal in our lives!)


As always, we hope something in this little blog can be of some help to you as we all navigate this crazy, bonkers, unprecedented time together!  CHEERS! 🥂


Team Adore