#adoretip | 2021 Wedding Trends

#adoretip | 2021 Wedding Trends

#adoretip | 2021 Wedding Trends. Mobile Image

Jan 20, 2021

After a crazy and unprecedented 2020, there are a few things that brides are doing in 2021.  We wanted to take a look at what is trending for this year, and encourage you in your wedding planning.



So we are going to start with what we know best - DRESSES!  With all the craziness of 2020, the wedding dress has remained one of THE most important purchases for a wedding.  Whether big or small, on time or postponed, a bride needs a wedding gown she adores and that makes her look her best.  Boho dresses are still on trend, and is something that we specialize in. With floral, lace, elegant flow, Adore Bridal is the place to come for that romantic Boho feel.  
Another popular choice by brides coming into 2021 is a classic and timeless look.  This is another look we can also absolutely help our brides accomplish.  We give brides such a personal experience with trying on dresses, we will make sure that you get to try on and find the look you want for your wedding day.



The pandemic has caused many small businesses in our local communities to really struggle.  Many people, including brides are looking to buy American, and to shop local for their weddings and showers.  This helps our communities move forward, and makes us feel good by doing our part to help our communities come together.


With many wedding being delayed, 2021 will most definitely be a bumper year for weddings, unless lockdowns continue.  With the vaccines being distributed, there is hope that we may get back to more normalcy in 2021.  This is great news for those waiting for the big grand weddings with larger guest lists.  Many brides delayed either the reception or whole wedding hoping for lifted restrictions on gatherings. As of now, there is great hope that by the summer of 2021, those summer brides will get to have their big wedding. So keep those fingers crossed!
Being forced in 2020 to change plans, many couples reflected on the core purpose of a wedding -  getting married! Many shifted focus and went for something small and intimate. There was no other choice for much of 2020.  This has sparked a growing trend for micro weddings, even if bigger events are allowed.   Pairing with this, we see there has been a resurgence in a return to many more traditional choices too.



Many couples have decided to go small and intimate.  Weddings will likely go to heart of the event, which is making treasured memories with friends and family. According to Hitched.co, experts across the wedding industry are predicting "traditional" to be a defining feature of 2021 weddings, from timeless dresses to nostalgic fragrances and even in the speeches. “I am seeing a return to the more traditional side of weddings,” says Jennie Evans of bespoke floral designers Liberty Lane Flowers. “Many more of my clients are choosing their local, childhood church for their ceremony, with a statement archway to frame the entrance, and delicate meadow flowers lining the aisle. They are then moving on to a marquee or sperry tent in the grounds of their parent’s house or a private home setting."


Most predictions are indicating pastels, along with yellow and gray.  Pastel colors for 2021 will be paramount in delivering calming, cool and relaxed yet contributing to personal wedding vibes. Envision gorgeous lilac, pastel pink, yellow and peach tulips and sweet peas.  There will be pops of color such as orange or coral.  With gray trending too, these colors all compliment and go along with the calmness of these pastels.  



Another trend for 2021 is sustainability.  Norfolk's Holkham Hall reports that a big wedding produces the same amount of CO2 in one day as five people so over an entire year.  It's not just millennials, but many people are becoming more conscious of our environment.  There are many ways couples can make their wedding more environmentally friendly.  One idea is to arrange a tree planting party for your guests in order to reduce their carbon footprint.  Another trend is choosing a venue with a naturally beautiful backdrop that doesn’t require lavish decorations, which will end up in landfill.



However you are planning YOUR wedding, whether "on trend" or not, it will be perfect. Why? Because it is your day, and planned for the two of you. So as you plan, keep that the focus. Ask the questions, "What is most important to us?" and then stick to that.  Happy wedding planning! And CHEERS! to our 2021 celebrations!



The Adore Squad