#ADOREREALBRIDE | Mikayla & Damian

#ADOREREALBRIDE | Mikayla & Damian

#ADOREREALBRIDE | Mikayla & Damian. Mobile Image

Oct 06, 2022

#AdoreRealBride Mikayla and her husband Damian had a breathtaking day at the Gathering Place in Pinetop, Arizona. The venue, the dress, the decor all match so perfectly! Keep scrolling to read all the details and see the photos!


All photos by Brittany Nemec 


Do you have a special memory from your wedding day?

Our last dance was to "Like Real People Do" by Hoizer. We cried again as we took in our own moment of being husband and wife.




What do you admire most about your new spouse?

How hard he works. I've never met someone with as much dedication and drive as him.



Tell us more about your wedding. Is there a great proposal story? How did you choose your location? Any DIY tips? What else would you want everyone to know about your wedding?

We are high school sweethearts and have known each other since we were sixteen. He proposed to me at Tortilla Flats with the rest of our family there. 

We chose the location because I always wanted to get married in Pinetop ever since I was a little girl and he loves the forest. Surprisingly, we went there a lot as little kids so we joke that we were always around each other before we ever met. 

DIY Tips: I DIY'd the majority of my wedding (i.e. decor, florals, some desserts). If you have the time to do it and it's something you enjoy doing them don't let others stop you. However, know your limits. I can't tell you some of the things I started DIY'ing and gave up on.

Last things: Do a last dance WITH JUST THE TWO OF YOU. I cannot suggest it enough. The first dance, at least for us, felt more like a show for others and we couldn't really get into the mindset of being just us since everyone is watching. At the end of the night our DJ kicked everyone out for the final dance and that moment felt like it was just us. (It also gives you a good way to kick our guests if you want them to leave 😉)



What was your experience with Adore Bridal?

I'm glad that I didn't feel rushed. They took their time with me and made me go out of my comfort zone. Surprise surprise! I walked out with a dress that I had no clue I was going to love. In fact, it was quite the opposite of what I thought I was going to have.



Thank you Mikayla & Damian for sharing about your day with us!

Here are the vendors who helped make this day so perfect!


Venue: The Gathering Place - Pinetop, AZ 

Photography: Brittany Nemec 

DJ: DJ C West

Mobile Bar: Dashing Spirits

Florals: The bride!

Cake: Carols Creations 



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