Apr 26, 2024



In September 2023, Danielle and Dominic had an absolutely stunning ceremony at Brutocao Vineyards in Hopland, CA and a rustic, intimate reception in Minnesota! Keep scrolling to read what our #AdoreRealBride has to say about her big day and look at those gorgeous photos she shared with us!


What was your styling inspiration or wedding day vibe you were going for? What inspired you to choose this?

I just wanted to marry my person! I loved that we had the ceremony at his family's vineyard (been in the family for 150+ years) and then a reception the following weekend at my parents farm in Minnesota (been in the family for 80+ years)!



Tell us about a special memory from your wedding day, something that will always stand out in your mind ❤️

We hit golf balls together during the ceremony because my husband is a pro golfer and of course I wanted to do something special to support that!



What do you admire most about your new spouse?

He is the most genuine man and loves me for exactly who I am - I don't have to try to be anything or anyone that I am not! The list of reasons why I adore my husband is endless!



Is there anything else you want people to know about your love story? A fun proposal, something crazy that happened on your wedding day, a sentimental memory or even wedding planning tips for future brides!

Ok so back story - I had finally given up on trying to find my person in Dec. 2020. Honestly, my entire life I have been looking for my one! And then wouldn't you know, this is when God brought Dominic into my life. I was trying hard not to get into anything at the time. But, on our 12th date (I know the specific day in March) we were having lunch and I heard a strong voice say 'HIM". As I looked up and across the table, it was at that very moment I knew that I had finally found my person! Well fast forward a few years. I found out on my wedding day, while his dad was giving his speech, that the specific March date was the day my husband's grandfather had passed away one year prior. I instantly teared up! My husband and I have had a thing with dates and numbers lining up. This one by far is one of my favorites!!



What was your experience like with Adore Bridal?

THE BEST!!!! I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend them!



Congratulations to Danielle and Dominic! Here are the vendors who helped make this day so perfect! The Brutocao’s had their family involved as their vendors which was such a sweet touch!


Photographer: Darby Johnson

Videographer: Joe Brutocao

Venue: Brutocao Vineyards

Hair and Makeup: Anna Jacobs

DJ: Eddie Vedolla 

Dress Designer: Justin Alexander