#AdoreRealBride | Candace & Sam

#AdoreRealBride | Candace & Sam

#AdoreRealBride | Candace & Sam. Mobile Image

Feb 24, 2023

Our #AdoreRealBride Candace and her husband Sam had a stunning boho & vintage inspired wedding day. Candace gave us all the details from her DIY's to favorite moments! The photos turned out ✨perfect✨ keep scrolling to see more!


All photos by Taylor Hanson


What was your styling inspiration or wedding day vibe you were going for? What inspired you to choose this?

Fall boho, vintage. We’re a couple of self proclaimed old souls and wanted the setting to reflect our vibes. My mom and I with the help of friends and family made or borrowed most of the decorations and everything came together beautifully. We had an old vintage trailer that my step mom and dad fixed up and turned into a photo booth, we had a vintage car, an old vintage trunk that belonged to my great aunt, along with many other family heirlooms that we used as decorations so there was a very personal touch.



Tell us about a special memory from your wedding day, something that will alway stand out in your mind ❤️

There were so many so to narrow it down I’ll go with my top three. As soon as I started walking down the aisle, my husband and I felt like we were in a vacuum together, it was the craziest phenomenon. We didn’t know who was sitting where, what music was playing, we just locked eyes with each other and even though there were so many people in our presence, it felt like such an intimate and special moment for us. 


Another special moment was that I went into the wedding day with some sadness knowing that none of my grandparents would be in attendance due to health issues. Minutes before walking down the aisle, my husband came running to get me and said to come quickly that Nana was here. I ran out of the house so fast, I didn’t even think about or care that everyone would see me in my dress before the ceremony. I gave her the biggest hug and was overcome with emotion and gratitude that she showed up for me especially considering her situation. 


My third favorite moment was dancing to Candy by Iggy Pop with my mom and dad. They used to sing that song to me as a baby so to dance to that song with my parents at my wedding 31 years later was so special.



What do you admire most about your new spouse?

He has the kindest heart, he’s so thoughtful and empathetic and truly my best friend. Our connection is indescribable and I’m so thankful we get to spend the rest of our lives together.



Is there a fun proposal story?

The proposal was so special and intimate. When we first started dating Sam would surprise me with wine, Hershey’s Hugs, flowers and a thoughtful letter at my door. So for the proposal he had my sisters hang out with me in my sister’s room and pretend like they were getting ready to go to a Valentine’s Day party with their friends. I’m in my UGLIEST most comfortable pajamas and walk out to the kitchen while my sisters filmed behind me and Sam had a 100 roses, Hershey’s kisses (he and my sister drove all around town and couldn’t find Hugs anywhere), a bottle of wine, and candles lit on our kitchen island. When we kissed our dogs jumped all over us in excitement and it was just the sweetest most perfect moment.



Any tips for future brides? 

We did not have a wedding coordinator or planner and our wedding ran so smoothly so if you’re thinking of doing it on your own, you totally can! Just delegate tasks to family/friends and make sure everyone has the schedule and game plan of the day in advance.

Do your research on vendors, we had the absolute BEST vendors that helped make everything run smoothly. 


I can’t emphasize this enough but if you’re going to splurge on anything, splurge on the photographer, it’s so worth it. Our photographer Taylor Hanson was INCREDIBLE and so hands on. 


Also, get your dress at Adore Bridal! They provided me with the absolute BEST experience and found me my dream dress. Their service is unmatched, they have so many different beautiful options and really care about you as a customer. It can be overwhelming picking out a wedding dress and their process makes it so easy and enjoyable. I am forever grateful to the Adore Bridal team!



Thank you Candace and Sam for sharing about your big day with us!

Here are the vendors who helped make this day so amazing!


Venue- A family friend's backyard

Photography- Taylor Hanson

MUA- Love Kyra Beauty

Hair- Bailey Woodmansee

Florals- DIY with The Arizona Flower Market

Dress Designer- La Perle by Calla Blanche



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